The Great Grilling Steaks of Summer

Come on over and we'll throw some steaks on the grill...often a summertime conversation amongst friends.

Well, what steaks are the best, you ask? We have tested these beauties and bring you our opinion.

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Here we have the 8 best steaks for grilling this summer. These steaks are a cut above the rest, and will not let you down when prepared correctly.

1. The Ribeye. A juicy, tender flavorful cut. there is generous marbling through out, and is a crowd pleaser. This cut, when left on the bone is what is known as the "prime rib" at most restaurants.

2. The Tenderloin. As the name suggests, this is the most tender of the cuts. Also known as the "Filet Mignon", it truly does melt in your mouth.

3. Flat Iron. Now here is a unknown secret, and probably is the second most tender of all the choices. A low budget choice that takes a good steak rub well.

4. Top Sirloin. Excellent choice for kabobs.

5. Tri-Tip. Flavorful, juicy and perfect for marinades. Slice it thin after preparing and the flavor bursts in your mouth.

6. Flank Steak. The perfect choice for "teriyaki". Marinate, grill, slice thin on an angle...they will be asking for more.

7. Porterhouse. Also known as the T-Bone, because the bone forms a "T" where the shell steak and the tenderloin flank each other. This is the "powerhouse" of all steaks. A man's meal.

8. Last, but not least The Strip Steak. My favorite of them all. I grill this year round. It is also known as the NY Strip, Top Loin Strip, Kansas City Strip. The steak has real character, flavor and is by far fabulous on the grill.

There you have a list of 8 wonderful choices for grilling this season. Remember to check which cut you are purchasing and check the grading carefully.

Beef is graded in three most common categories:

1) Select, the lowest grade...not much flavor, tougher to chew.
2) Choice, a much better grade than select. Some marbling in the cuts, lots of flavor.
3) Prime...clearly a cut above. Lots of marbling, loaded with flavor, my favorite selection when I am cooking or ordering at a restaurant a Strip Steak or a T Bone.

All other cuts you can stick with choice, and personally i stay away from select, as it is not worth the calories.

Protein, meat has lots of protein and that is good for you, Sure there may be some fat, but we do need some fat in our bodies. You can learn more about vitamins and minerals.

The Great Grilling Steaks of Summer

The author of this article is Peter Sicoli. Peter owns and operates JP Global Games a successful video game marketing company.

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