An Easy Filipino Dish - Bistek

Several Filipino dishes are very easy to make because they usually involve very few, but potent, ingredients that are slow-cooked into a sort of stew which is then poured over a generous helping of rice.

A really good example of this type of dish is a dish called Bistek. This dish is a very simple, but very highly flavorful dish that, like a lot of Filipino dishes, would be considered too strong to eat without rice. To make Bistek, one only needs four very simple ingredients: thin cut beef steaks, soy sauce, onions, and ground black pepper. Measuring spoons are optional because it is very hard to really make this dish wrong.


All one has to do is cut their steak into approximately 4X4 inch size pieces and place them into a small pot. Then, one would pour soy sauce until half the meat is doused. The next step would be to pour water until all the meat is fully covered. Once this is done, the cook needs to bring the meat to a boil and then down to a simmer under a lid for about 20 minutes. At this time, onion can be cut into strips. After the twenty minutes are up, the onion can be thrown into the pot and the stew will need to continue simmering until the sauce is reduced by half (or more if one so desires). Pepper, to taste, can be added at anytime during this process.

Before you know it, you have put together a very authentic Filipino dish called Bistek. However, the dish should be eaten over a generous helping of rice as the flavor is quite strong by itself. Enjoy!

An Easy Filipino Dish - Bistek

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