Steak Breakfast

Some people have champagne for breakfast. Some have ice-cream. And for some reason, most people think they should have wholegrain for breakfast, whether or not that is what is right for their body at that moment in time. Me, I eat what I feel like within my budget. I found this a great way to start my day today. If you have meat-eaters staying over for the weekend, surprise them with this steak breakfast or brunch.

Celery leaves are usually leftovers in my home from munching on celery stalks. Celery is great for munching raw, as it is absolutely delicious and is my number one comfort food at the moment. It also is said to use up more energy (totally raw) to digest than you get from eating it, which is another bonus. Anyway, celery leaves go well with meaty breakfast fry-ups. I fry these for a very short time in butter - just about two minutes. I like my meat now rare, thanks to my spouse! The seasoning is what makes the meal. Arabian spices are used to season the meat - allspice and cinnamon. Sprinkle them onto the meat as it you are sprinkling salt.


As a health nut, I follow the latest health-nut advice, such as avoiding non-stick pans and aluminium pans. I use only natural ingredients and do my best to get organic meat. You should use whatever is right for you. I am not a nutritionist or doctor.

This really is nice as it is. There is no need to put it in a bun or add anything, although it does go with ketchup. The serving is large enough as a standalone breakfast for most people.


Butter for frying

Per person

Tsp chopped garlic and mild chili (if you do not have chili, you can leave it out)

Two big handfuls of celery leaves

Two handfuls of mushrooms

Sea salt

Small steak, cut into stir-fry pieces

Peppercorns to grind, allspice, cinnamon

Melt the butter in a pan with the garlic and chili. While this happens, roughly cut the celery leaves and mushrooms. Quickly add top the butter mixture and sprinkle with sea salt. Keep stirring, as this is a stir-fry. Before you add the meat, sprinkle it with ground peppercorns, allspice, and cinnamon. Very quickly rub them in, then add the meat to the vegetables and stir very quickly until meat is sealed. Take off heat and serve.

Enjoy with someone you care for or as a treat for yourself!

Steak Breakfast

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