How to Cook Tenderloin Steaks

Tenderloin is the most tender part of the cow. Filet mignon is another name for this cut and if you like succulent, lean, and boneless steaks, you will love it. Tenderloin is not a cheap cut of beef so if you are investing in this fine cut, you will want to know how to cook it to perfection, maintaining its fine texture, compact shape and subtle meaty flavor.

This cut of the cow is waste-free, versatile, and quick to cook. You can cut it into strips for a stir fry or pasta dish, cubes for kabobs or simple broil, grill or pan fry the filet mignon. Marinated steak recipes are also useful for giving extra flavor to this tender ingredient.


How to Grill It

Grilling is the cooking method of choice for most filet mignon connoisseurs because the flavor is so good. One inch thick tenderloin should be grilled uncovered over moderately hot coals for about fourteen minutes for medium rare to medium. Turn the meat occasionally.

If you want to grill extra thick cuts of filet mignon, an inch and a half thick for example, it is best to cover the grill and cook them for about fifteen minutes for a medium rare to medium doneness, turning the meat once or twice.

How to Broil It

Broiling is just as easy as grilling and if you have one inch thick steaks, put them in a broiler pan so the beef surface is two or three inches from the heat source. Cook the beef for fourteen or fifteen minutes for medium rare to medium.

For thicker cuts, have the filet mignon three or four inches from the heat and broil it for about twenty minutes. If you are using the broiler, just turn it once, halfway through the cooking time.

How to Pan Fry Your Beef

Heat a heavy nonstick skillet over a moderately high heat and then add your half inch thick beef tenderloin without crowding the pan. Let it cook for about four minutes uncovered, turning the meat over once.

If the beef is three quarters of an inch or a whole inch thick, they will take between eight and thirteen minutes to cook in a skillet. Turn the meat occasionally as it cooks.

Tips for Tasty Tenderloin

Browning your steak makes it look extra appealing. Make sure you blot the raw meat on paper towels before you cook it, to encourage browning. You can marinate the meat briefly before cooking it to give it extra flavor.

Easy steak marinades can break down tough cuts of steak but because tenderloin is already tender, it should only be left in the marinade for about twenty minutes. Over-marinating already tender cuts of steak can turn them to mush.

Cook the beef over a moderate heat. If the heat is too high, the outside of the meat might burn before the inside is cooked. A thin steak can be cooked at a higher temperature because the overall cooking time will be less. Turn the meat with a spatula or tongs because piercing the meat can let the tasty juices escape.

How to Cook Tenderloin Steaks

There are lots of delicious marinated steak recipes you can use to flavor your tenderloin before cooking it. Easy steak marinades range from mild and subtle to full-flavored, spicy and rich.

Easy Steak Marinades Help Make a Truly Mouthwatering Meal -

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