Choosing a Ribeye Steak Marinade Recipe

One of the best things about marinated steak recipes is that you can choose from literally hundreds of different recipes and even adapt those to your taste. Also, you can mix and match your steaks with the marinades. There are some marinades that are better for certain cuts of steak though.

If you are using a cheap, tough cut of steak you might want to use a marinade with plenty of citrus juice in it, or similar, because this will tenderize the steak. If you are using such a marinade on a more tender cut of steak you will need to be careful not to leave the marinade on for too long because it can make the meat mushy.

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Types of Marinated Steak Recipes

Choosing a Ribeye Steak Marinade Recipe

There are various types of marinated steak recipes you can choose from. What about a smoky barbecue flavored marinade, a spicy international marinade with chilies or a tangy citrus based one?

The best way to choose which marinade recipe to use is to compare a few different ones. Think about what you are going to be serving alongside the steak. If you are serving plain rice, you might want to make something that can be boiled after marinating and used as a sauce, so you can ladle some of the hot marinade on to the rice as well. If you are serving a tasty side dish with the beef, a simpler marinade recipe might be more suitable so you do not have a flavor clash.

Marinating Ribeye Steak

You might like to use a ribeye steak marinade recipe if you have some ribeye steaks for dinner. Ribeye steak is really juicy and delicious and using a marinade on it can make it really mouthwatering, extra tender and extremely flavorful.

This cut is from the beef rib and the meat is fattier, or more marbled, than a lot of other cuts of beef. This marbling adds to the natural flavor and juiciness. You can get bone-in ribeye steaks and boneless ones, although technically bone-in ribeye steak is a rib steak not a ribeye.

Because this type of steak is naturally juicy, it is suited to dry cooking methods and does not need to be basted as it cooks. The marbling melts as the meat cooks and juices are released, keeping it succulent and stopping it from drying out on the grill. A marinade for ribeye steak is about giving gentle flavor rather than being necessary to tenderize the meat or overpowering the flavor of the beef.

Ribeye is really tasty as it is so a marinade for ribeye steak should give a hint of flavor rather than anything too strong. Save the strong flavored, tenderizing marinades for cheaper beef cuts.

The best way to cook a ribeye steak is on the grill but you could fry or broil it if you wanted to. Marinate the meat for a couple of hours. That is enough to give it a good flavor without having a negative impact on the meat texture.

Choosing a Ribeye Steak Marinade Recipe

Marinated steak recipes range from simple to complex and there are marinades for every cut of meat and every occasion. A good ribeye steak marinade recipe should add a hint of flavor to the steak without being overpowering. Ribeye steak is a real treat for dinnertime and an easy steak marinade can make it even more delicious.

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