Campfire Cooking Recipes - Porterhouse Italian Marinated Steaks

Campfire cooking recipes are not complete without a great marinated porterhouse steak recipe. What could smell better than a couple of thick porterhouse steaks when you place them on hot coals with a dash of salt and pepper and roasted corn on the cob than an Italian marinated steak?

Depending on how hot your coals are you should always try to time your foods so everything should get finished cooking at close to the same time so everything stays hot and is at its peak flavor. Cast iron cooking can be fun in the open campfire and lets open fire cooking flavor your food with that great smokey flavor that everyone thinks of when they think of campfire cooking recipes. It makes your mouth water waiting for the vegetables you could be cooking in the dutch oven like celery and carrots with come finely chopped onion and garlic with sliced carrots.

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Depending on how many people you have present to feed you should figure one large porterhouse steak per person but don't be surprised if a few end up splitting a porterhouse because they are big meaty cuts that are quite filling. To marinate your steaks it is best to either seal them in a gallon zip lock bag with about a 1/2 Cup of Italian dressing each and coat each steak thoroughly or place the steaks in a large cake pan and pour the salad dressing over the steaks. Wait about 20 minutes and then turn the steaks over and make sure to coat both sides. Just before you place the porterhouse steaks on the hot coals wipe off any dripping Italian dressing. Grill on the first side for about 5-7 minutes being careful not to burn them over to hot a campfire.

Campfire Cooking Recipes - Porterhouse Italian Marinated Steaks

What are good campfire cooking recipes without a side dish to accompany a mouth watering steak like an Italian grilled porterhouse steak? Try roasting some asparagus spears wrapped in strips of bacon. A tasty treat to beat a plain potato would be to try roasting a sweet potato instead. You need to start the sweet potato about 45 minutes before you start your steaks though and make sure you wash them, coat them with a little oil and pierce the skins with a fork to hasten the cooking time and to keep the skin from drying out. The roasted sweet taste of a sweet potato is not to be missed.

Never forget the tried and true campfire cooking recipes queen of the campfire, the smores around a fire at night. Who can resist the temptation of chocolate, marshmallow and that yummy cracker? Can you just smell the sweet smell of a smore in the air? Campfire cooking recipes are endless with so many foods to choose from for ingredients.

Campfire Cooking Recipes - Porterhouse Italian Marinated Steaks

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