How to Cook Kobe Beef Steak

As many steak lovers there are in the world today, it can't be denied that there's nothing more delicious and more succulent than steak from the Kobe beef; the kind that people would look for over and over again because it's so soft that it practically just melts in your mouth with every bite. Kobe beef is a special kind of cow's meat taken from the Wagyu cattle, which is raised from Japan. Also known as Wagyu beef, Kobe beef is known for its full flavour, tenderness, and its well-marbled texture; with polyunsaturated fats well distributed within the meat that's much healthier compared to saturated fat. Kobe can be cooked or prepared as Kobe beef steak, sashimi, shabu-shabu, teppanyaki, or sukiyaki. Nevertheless it's widely used internationally for steaks.

The dark haired Wagyu cattle produces such tender and flavourful meat because the cows are fed with organic grains, beer and sake mash. They are also regularly massaged by the farmers believing that it would soften their skin and tissues thus increasing the quality of the meat. Even the United States of America produces what is called the Kobe style beef, wherein Wagyu Cattle is crossbred with Angus cattle and raised and fed in the same manner. Yet they say, nothing beats the original Kobe beef.

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So how is the Kobe steak prepared? It's not cooked the way other steaks are. Japanese chefs who cook this exquisite meat always emphasize that any mistake in preparation, including over cooking, can easily lessen the beef's flavour and tenderness. The first thing to consider is the marinade used. Marinating the Kobe meat beforehand will help retain its juiciness and suppleness. It's not wise to use sharp vinegars and excessive marinades as it might overrun the natural flavours of the Wagyu beef. It is suggested that different kind of sweet marinades such as berries and other citrus fruits and flavours would be perfect to five the steak an exotic taste.

Now when cooking, the steak should not stay on the griller or the skillet for a very long time. That would just toughen up the beef before anyone notices. That's why it's advisable to really turn the heat up before placing the steak on a clad iron skillet for example, so it does not get overcooked. Ideally, it should be placed on one side for a minute and then immediately turned for about another minute. The secret is in keeping the inside juicy, nice, and red while searing the outer part and edges making it crisp. If the Kobe beef steak is not overcooked, its natural fat will drain out and release its natural flavour. So the best way to enjoy the Kobe beef steak is never well done. If cooked the right way one may enjoy all the benefits it provides over other cuts of beef.

How to Cook Kobe Beef Steak

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