2 Food Items Everyone Needs to Know How to Cook

Becoming a self confident adult is what we all want in our lives. One of the ways to reach this goal is to know how to feed ourselves and at certain times, others.

Cooking seems like a hard task to most of us but in reality, most recipes are easy to follow. Choosing your favorite is a matter of taste. Learning to cook those meals is a matter of learning to follow instructions until you have the confidence to change the recipe to fit your style.

Steak Recipe

Below are the two food items that will keep you well and fit until you are ready to move on to more difficult recipes.

[1] Eggs:
For the nutrition aspect, there is nothing simpler to fix than an egg. You can boil, fry, poach and bake an egg. Breakfast always tastes better with an egg.

Simple Scramble Eggs: Start with a small non-stick pan. Lightly spray it will cooking spray. Break two eggs in a small bowl, add 2 teaspoons of cool water, whip with a fork until it's mostly yellow. Pour the eggs into the hot frying pan. Cook until the eggs start to release from the sides of the pan. Using a Teflon spatula, gently slid beneath the egg and fold. Cook about one minute more, then slide it on to your plate. If you want to add cheese, veggies or meat to the eggs to form an omelet, do so before folding.

This simple recipe will see you from breakfast to a late dinner, just by what you add to your plate.
Breakfast: Add juice, hash browns and toast
Lunch: Add a hard crust roll with lettuce, tomato for a quick sandwich
Dinner: Add a tossed green salad, baked pork chop and fresh fruit for a healthy dinner.

[2] Steak:
Cooking a good steak dinner is all in the choosing and timing. First you must choose a good steak. While the Ribeye and Sirloin are the most popular cuts, there are several others to consider. You can find a good T-Bone, Rump, or Tenderloin cut in just about every food market. If you have trouble choose one, ask the meat cutter for his or her advice before you choose one. Now that you have your steak, you must decide how you want to cook it. Grilling has become one of the top cooking methods but you can pan fry, broil or slow cook a steak.

To me, grilling is the easiest way to cook most cuts of meat. You will need a gas or charcoal grill and you will want the heat on HOT. Placing your steak on a cold or warm grill will not only take longer but it will toughen your meat. You will want to have your grill at about 500 degrees before placing your meat on it.

Lightly coat your steak in a good vegetable oil before cooking. This will help keep it from sticking to the grill and let your spices stay in place while it's cooking. You will know when your steak is ready to turn by lifting one corner. If it comes up easily, then turn the meat so both sides can sear in the meat juices. After searing, you will only want to turn it once more to get the steak cooked to the right temperature. Use tongs when turning. You do not want to inset a fork into any meat while it's cooking as it allows the hot juices to drain out, leaving your meat tough and dry.

Rare will take two to four minutes on both sides, depending on the thickness
Medium will take three to 5 minutes on both sides, depending on the thickness
Well Done will take four to 7 minutes on both sides, depending on the thickness.

If you are adding BBQ sauce, do so in the last 2 minutes. It will burn off or cause your steak to have a brunt taste if added sooner. To finish off your meal, toss together some fresh vegetable and add a good vinaigrette dressing.

Serving either of these food items will not only keep your body moving but impress your guest with your cooking abilities.

2 Food Items Everyone Needs to Know How to Cook

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Faylee James is a Life Coach/Writer from NE Tennessee who has an above average interest in people, cooking and living life with a smile.

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