BBQ Chicken Sauce Recipe

We all love a chicken burger recipe and there are many recipes for BBQ chicken, but often the sauce is more of a problem. A burger has to be done properly. I'm wondering what the statistics are? How many people would prefer the good old beef burger, but everyone has his or her own preference.

Working in the chef industry I have been instructed to make many different sauce recipes and told how to make them for all sorts of occasions and decorate the plate beautifully, drizzling the remainder of the sauce around the plate.

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When we think of a BBQ sauce recipes for chicken we are thinking of the flavors and how they go with the chicken fillet. We are not especially thinking how beautiful and pretty the decorations on our plate look. A chicken burger can be very plain without the sauce so in this case some might say the secret is definitely in the sauce

When I mention oyster sauce not a lot of people know about this, which I find a little strange. You can find oyster sauce at any chinese store, but you should find it at the supermarket. However you can't use oyster sauce alone on your chicken burger. Oyster sauce has a very sharp taste, but mixed with some honey it will calm it down and you will experience a delicious BBQ sauce.

Once you have that base you can experiment a little yourself, adding some chili or garlic to spice it up. It's also great with tomato sauce. Tomato, honey and oyster sauce should be equal in quantity and then you will be on your way to one of the best bbq sauce recipes.

BBQ Sauce recipes

BBQ Chicken Sauce Recipe

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